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Nine of Swords HEADACHE Harmonic Percolator

Here it is, the Nine of Swords HEADACHE, our take on the classic HP circuit which ramped up to 11 (and a half), with a touch more versatility thrown in for kicks. The Headache is part OD, part distortion, and part whacked out square-wave noise machine - this pedal will indeed harmonically percolate your signal to a phenomenal degree. Capable of spitting out huge thick gobs of gnarly, sinewy, filthy noise, but also playing nice if (thats a big ‘if’) you want it to. In something of a departure for us this limited run artwork doesn’t feature a skull getting menaced by a goat or similar, but is this time a tribute to one the most deranged (and, consequently, awesome) records of all time. All you need now is a some metal guitar picks, and a desire to sing about certain aspects of the american trucking industry.

Nine of Swords HEADACHE Harmonic Percolator

  • The HEADACHE takes a 9V DC centre negative power supply (the kind most other pedals use, in other words)

  • Shipping is via Royal Mail, either Domestic, International or International tracked

Nine of Swords Pedals. 2021

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