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Nine of Swords ABYSS Tone Annihilator

Gasp as your guitar’s natural tone comes to life and is subsequently utterly destroyed like never before with the Nine Of Swords ABYSS Tone Annihilator Noise Unit. The oak-aged, special-mix hand cut PCB, working in tandem with a sophisticated blend of private stock hand-picked resistors and capacitors, harnesses and enhances the natural acoustic resonance of your guitar in an open and transparent way. The carefully sourced NOS/VOS/TOTAL-BS digital delay chip carefully introduces a tonally-rich echo and reflected fuzz effect into your precious signal chain, while the three hand-tightened gamekeepers-special-reserve rotary control points help to shape and open up the detail of the sonic picture that defines you and your guitar.  The Abyss utilises our unique Nine of Swords ULTRA-TRU BYPASS™ technology to retain the warmth and flow of your guitar tone when disengaged using a special foot-optimized on/off switch. Each unit comes with our distinctive uniquely commissioned digitally enhanced artwork, and is housed in a pedalboard-maximized hand-enhanced tone-boosting aluminium enclosure.

Nine of Swords ABYSS Tone Annihilator

  • The ABYSS Tone Annihilator takes a 9V DC centre negative power supply (the kind most other pedals use, in other words)

  • Shipping is via Royal Mail, either Domestic, International or International tracked

Nine of Swords Pedals. 2021

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